As we work towards a gold medal in Rio, sponsorship will be a key factor in our success. An Olympic campaign is an expensive endeavor, and unlike international teams which are fully funded, we must rely on donations from friends and family, and corporate sponsorship. Sponsorship alleviates some of the financial strain, allowing us to focus intensely on training. We are confident that our sailing ability will bring us to the top of the podium, and the support of corporate sponsors will allow us to prove that.

There are many reasons to support TeamRI, most prominently:

Advertising & Exposure:
We will be traveling to various prominent port cities around the country and the world to compete in training camps and high profile regattas; since the Nacra17 is a high-performance catamaran, it will be receiving a good deal of media attention. This will ensure international and national exposure for sponsors, both at the sailing venue where spectators will be watching, and online where the racing will be covered. Furthermore, we recognize all our sponsors on our website, thus directing traffic to their company site.

National & State Pride:

The US holds the most medals in sailing, but our stature as a powerful competitor has been slipping. This decline is partly due to lack of funding for our Olympic sailors. Meanwhile, Newport, RI used to be recognized as one of the sailing capitals of the world, but is currently fighting to retain that title. With your help, we can bring a gold medal home to the US and Rhode Island!

Sponsorship Tiers:

  • Team Sponsor: Full Budget Sponsorship
    • We will rename our team to carry your company name. This will appear on all our results, any press we receive, and be prominently displayed on our website.
    • Your company name will appear on both our hulls, spinnaker, and mainsail.
    • Your company name will appear on all team apparel.
    • We will make up to three speaking engagements and/or appearances per year that we deem appropriate and you see fit for advertising purposes or in-company events
  • Spinnaker Sponsor: $18,000 per annum
    • Your company name will appear on our spinnaker. You can choose the color of the spinnaker and the design for the sail.
  • Mainsail Sponsor: $10,000 per annum
    • Your company name will appear on our mainsail.
  • Hulls Sponsor: $5,000/hull per anum
    • Your company name will be displayed on both our hulls.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, or have any questions, please email us at [email protected]