The Campaign

Our Mission is to bring more prestige to Rhode Island Sailing, an aspect of which is winning a gold medal in Rio. We plan to achieve this through hard work both on and off the water, which will then translate into top results at regattas over the next few years.

The first real test will come at the World Championship in Santander, Spain this September. We will have been training intensively in Newport, RI for about two months leading up to this regatta, and we hope to see a top 20 result.

From there we will return to Newport to apply what we learned from Santander in our training sessions. As the weather grows colder, we will migrate south with the birds to Miami, FL, where training will begin again in significantly warmer temperatures.

In 2015, we will participate in the ISAF World Cup, one of which is the Miami World Cup which will determine the US Sailing Team for the year. After all our individual training, that spring will be time to really focus on regatta experience in the Nacra17. We aim to be among the top boats during these events, posting top 15 results each regatta.

With a solid background of intensive training and competition behind us, we will be ready for the Trials for the Olympic Games in 2016. There will be three events, and our scores will be added up from each event to determine our final result. If our score is better than the other US Teams, we will be the representative for the United States in the Nacra17 at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.